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Hi, this is a comment.
To delete a comment, just log in and view the post's comments. There you will have the option to edit or delete them.

cool ..............

Fuckin' AWESOME template! =D

Pushpinder Singh Bagga

fuck hell
what if we could show a picture also instead of text on the homepage ?

awesome.. great!!!

AteulUy : Should I contact You if I want to modify this template?
creator : Absolutely
AteulUy : What if I wont?
creator : What modify you can do?
AteulUy : ...

This is a cool template, thanks

This is the best blogger template I ever saw.

As soon as the light version become available I intent to use it.

Congratulations for this magnificent work.


hi, good day to you all. first, i'd like to thank the developer of this template for i have utilized it in my own blogger account www.unsaturatedfat.blogspot.com. I only have one question, see, at the original live demo of the template it shows that at a single page, there are 9 posts (3 columns and 3 rows) but if you link back to my site, there are only 7 posts with the bottom row only having one. how can i solve the problem that all 9 posts appears? thanks alec - xyrich@gmail.com


Go to Layout - Page Elements and edit "Blog" widget. Then you can choose to show 3,6,9,12,or 15 posts per page.

readly very very good templates
i have find find many time
thanks man!!!
i thinks i will development for my blog

This is really pro.. man

Susah untuk menggunakan template ini padahal aku ingin pake buat blog ku. Ketika upload selalu GALAT !! Petunjuk instal sudah aku lakukan sesuai yg disarankan dan TANPA PREVIEW..

Bisa bantu mas??


I love this design!

In this demo, the images on the blog seem to re-scale themselves to fit each window (180x180), but in my blog they don't scale, and look funny. I tried fixing this on my own, but can't figure it out. How do I fix that?

Also, how do I change the code so that the images don't link to a larger image? I want them to link to the post, and don't want to have to manually do this every time I post.


iya mas...blog saya juga gak mau nerima,selalu saja error sewaktu mau si save templatenya....

pusing..usah bemacam2 account tapi gak bisa saya terapkan di blog saya

lho... sayang bgt yah.. ndak isa...

Hello all,
While I surf blog , i found a all new trick in http://pic-memory.blogspot.com/

Vistor can comment and EMBED VIDEO YOUTUBE , IMAGE. Showed Immediately!
EX : View Source.
(add photos and videos to Blogspot comments).
Written it very smart!
I wonder how they do it ? Anyone know about this , please tell me :D
(sr for my bad english ^_^)

email: ya76oo@ya76oo.com

I really like this template and have implemented it with a lightbox feature.


I was wondering if anyone had managed to centre, and un-squish, the image preview on the main page?

hi ǝıɥɔıɹ ƃuıʌɐɹ, i would like to know how you manage to resize the preview image in the main page. mine does not resize, the picture remains the post size shows only a part of the larger image.

I too would like to know how the images would fit into the gallery, mine are bigger size and only a portion of the image is visible. Please help out

Yeah nice template but needs some tweaking for those who do not want the colors and background etc.

Thanks this is brilliant

My Old Template is not so good , But your template is really nice.

This Template is the best Gallery type I have ever seen, but it have a problem with the static pages Blogger's Feature. When I make a page it only shows the first 10 lines and nothing more, I don't know who to contact to ask for help regarding this issue.

nice template!


its better if we can make albums and store photos in every psot :)

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